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Celebrating 100 Years of The Flapper Dress

by Katie B 16 Dec 2020

In the world of fast-moving fashion, if a trend lasts a season it is considered a success. With this thought in mind, the staying power of the flapper dress appears all the more remarkable. This distinctive style of dress dates back the Roaring 20s when style rules were relaxed without compromising style. Fast forward 100 years to 2020, the flapper dress is still a fixture on the fashion scene. It is the life and soul of the party. Let’s explore the secrets of its success:

The Gatsby Dress

The flapper dress has cult status thanks to classic fiction. When American author, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in 1925, he perfectly captured the exuberance and elegance of the Roaring 20s. Inspired by the flamboyant party lifestyle and the lively music of the Jazz Age, the book features fictional characters dressed to impress. Think of Daisy Buchanan in a flapper dress, twirling a string of pearls. This image inspired the phrase the Great Gatsby Dress, which is still the popular reference for a flapper dress in 2020.

Dress Code for Female Empowerment

The flapper dress isn’t simply a fashion statement or a gorgeous party dress, it is a symbol of female empowerment. It is synonymous with a significant moment in gender history. It marks a time in the 1920s when women successfully campaigned for the right to vote in elections. During this decade, traditional dress codes were challenged. Out went restrictive corsets and in came the flapper dress with fluid lines and fun fringing. Overall, women embraced a new-found freedom that was expressed through fashion, music and dance.

The Flapper Dress with Movie Star Glamour

Hollywood’s love affair with the flapper dress has not faded over time. Director Baz Luhrmann brought The Great Gatsby to the big screen in 2013. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, the movie was a visual feast of fashion. Art Deco style, flapper dresses, elaborate headpieces and embellished outfits set the tone for the lavish production. Fashion designer Miuccia Prada and costume designer Catherine Martin created the costumes for the movie, making standout pieces that evoked all the glamour of the Twenties.

Vintage Appeal on (and off) the Red Carpet

The fashion world’s obsession with vintage style means the flapper dress is still relevant in modern times. It has survived minimalist and maximalist trends over the years thanks to distinctive vintage vibes that make the flapper dress stand out from the crowd. Sequins, fringing, embroidery and an unfussy, sophisticated silhouette are all part of the appeal. The flapper dress is a proper “dressing-up” dress, which makes it perfect for high-profile red carpet events and A-list parties when stars want to look their best. The gold flapper dress is a much-loved look. For example, Charlize Theron wore a fabulous 1920s-inspired flapper dress by Dior to Vanity Fair’s Oscars after-party in 2020.

In conclusion, the secret of the flapper dress’s success ultimately comes down to daring to be different. It is feminine and feisty at the same time. This bold statement dress turned heads in the 1920s, a time when women embraced change and used fashion to explore the power of self-expression. In 2020, the fashion vibe of the flapper dress remains much the same. It makes no apology for an excess of sequins or beads. More importantly, it is an accessible, wearable style whatever your shape or size. It allows for freedom of movement. It celebrates women. One hundred years on, the flapper dress reminds us that we don’t need to fit in when we were born to stand out.

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