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Shop Gorgeous Plus Size Flapper Dresses Online

Welcome to Flapper Boutiques collection of plus size flapper dresses and plus size 1920s dresses. A completely unique and exclusive range, this collection is tailor made for the curvaceous lady and includes dresses with authentic 1920s art deco patterns featuring shimmering arrays of beads, sequins and fringes. These dresses are exquisite and you’ll find vintage designs ready to razzle-dazzle, whether you’re heading for casual drinks at the local speakeasy or to a glamorous Gatsby party to dance the night away! 

Many people spent the 1920s in celebration, thanks to The Great War being over. Society transformed, the ritzy jazz age was in full swing and life was full of glitz and glamour, movie stars and flappers. One hundred years later, and the flirty fun of the roaring 20s parties are still all the rage. The glitz and glamour of this fashion era make it an exciting time to recreate with sparkly dresses, fringing and feathers.

The perfect dress for every occasion

At Flapper Boutique you will discover the most fabulous collection of plus size roaring twenties dresses for sale. Bringing iconic styles from the time of jazz bands, marathon dances and extravagant parties to the modern age, here you will find plus size Great Gatsby dresses and plus size 1920s flapper costumes, as well as all the glitzy accessories you need to complete your outfit.

The outstanding variety of flapper dresses we offer at Flapper Boutique allows you to go as glitzy as you want, depending on where you’re going. All the choices make it easy to find the style and colors that work the best for your body type and complexion. Explore our collection of dazzling dresses, embellished with sequins, beads and fringe to varying degrees, to suit your taste. Try a fringe bottom and high neckline, guaranteed to draw eyes as you shimmy and shake - achieving Gatsby-worthy glamour. 

Classic 1920s colours

Our plus size flapper dresses come in the most popular colours and styles of the era. If you’re going for that classic flapper look, nothing screams Roaring ‘20s quite like rich emerald green, deep blue and ruby red fabrics covered in shimmering geometric patterns of sequins and delicate beads.

Shimmer and shake your way to the dance floor with plus size flapper dresses in sparkling silver and glistening gold with fringes, sequins and diamanté neck lines. Truly capture the elegance of the 1920s with our flapper dresses in champagne ivory and classic cream - they are exactly the kind of show stoppers you’ve been looking for.  With so many colours to choose from, you’ll find the perfect dress for your special occasion, designed to flatter every woman at every size.

Authentic 1920s accessories

Now, no flapper costume is complete without some beads, sequins and fringing accessories. Add a little shimmer and shake to your plus size flapper dress when you add extras like gloves, head pieces and feather boas to the mix. 

We’ve made accessorising simple with our glamorous 1920's flapper accessories available in a range of colours to complement your outfit. Our range of chic embellished flapper headbands offer sparkling rhinestones, gems, sequins and feather to add a little glitz to any outfit. And our one size fits all long flapper gloves are available in black, white, silver, red, blue and purple - the perfect accessory to any 1920’s costume. Oh, to be a flapper girl in a Gatsby world!

How do I find my right size for my plus size Gatsby dress?

We want you to feel fabulous in all of our dresses. Our plus size flapper dresses range from 2XL to 5XL which is equivalent to AU sizes 18 to 28 or US size 18 to 24. If you’re not sure what size you need, you will find our handy size chart alongside each of our dresses, with exact measurements to help you find your perfect fit.

How do I order my plus size flapper dress online?

With free shipping on orders over $50 AUD across Australia and international shipping from $4.95 AUD, at Flapper Boutique we want to make it easy for you to order your plus size 1920s dress and accessories. Shop online via our website or call us on (+617) 3186 1797. 

What is flapper boutique’s return policy for plus size flapper dresses? 

It’s important that all of our customers are satisfied with their online purchases. Every single order is hand inspected prior to it leaving our warehouse. This inspection includes ensuring there are not faults with any items and ensuring the size is as per our size chart. 

If you find an issue with your order, we offer full refunds (including change of mind) on the proviso certain terms and conditions are met. See our returns policy for full details.

What if I have questions about Flapper Boutique’s 1920’s dresses and accessories?

We love nothing more than helping our customers find the perfect plus size vintage dresses. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us either by phone on (07) 3186 1797 or by sending us an email.

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