Do you want a flapper dress that will be truly eye catching at your next roaring twenties or Great Gatsby themed event? Then it is time to check out our boutique range of green flapper dresses. When we were creating our catalogue of flapper dresses, what was completely clear was just how glamourous a green flapper dress is. On all occasions when the models presented for the photoshoots it was a complete ‘wow moment’ and more so than any other colored flapper dress.

Our collection of green 1920s dresses, whilst only small, always hits the mark every time someone wears them. They are gorgeous and feature decadent & traditional art deco patterns of embellished beading and sequin detail. The shorter style dresses are finished with a layer of black fringes around the hem and they available in all sizes from small to 5xl.

Whilst undeniably glamourous, we still recommend that you finish your green flapper outfit off with a black feather or jewelry styled flapper headpiece, some long black gloves and a pair of black heels. Add some pearl or diamond influenced jewelry and consider having your hair styled with some speakeasy waves or finger curls!

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