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Flapper Boutique is one of the world's largest retailers of Flapper Dresses and 1920's accessories online which are perfect for any Roaring 20's or Great Gatsby themed party or event. Our collection of exclusively designed Flapper Dresses captures all the vibrancy and glamour that you would expect to find in these timeless 1920's fashion pieces. Characterized by dresses made from loose fitted fabric featuring fringes and delicate art deco patterns of tiny beads and sequins. When you don one of our 1920's flapper dresses it’s almost impossible to not feel all the energy and glamour of the roaring 20's.


If you are lucky enough to attend a roaring twenties or Great Gatsby themed event, it is a fantastic opportunity to take some time out and walk down memory lane and familiarise yourself with this amazing decade. It will help you get a feel of what it was like to socialise and party in the 1920's and in turn this will help you piece your 1920's flapper outfit together.

In a short snapshot, the roaring twenties (as it is known today) was a decade where the young people presided over an age of unparalleled and extraordinary change. A time where the economic boom post of the 1st world war resulted in an what can only be described as a quantum leap of freedom and financial prosperity. These newfound changes and riches saw an explosion in the social and fashion scenes. In particular, the world witnessed the birth of jazz music and the flapper girl which together electrified the dance halls and dance floors in exclusive residences across the world. Its these new-found riches that were captured in the 1925 best-selling novel “The Great Gatsby”.

Fast forward 100 years to today it really is not hard to understand why will still respect and celebrate this rich and vibrant decade.


If you have the privilege to get invited to a 1920's themed party or event, think yourself lucky as the 1920's is one of the most popular themes for a party. Quite likely the inspiration for your host came from Baz lurhmans re-make of 2013 block buster remake of “The Great Gatsby”. A brilliant movie that captures all the vibrancy, glitz and glamour of the 1920's.

The film rolled out party scenes in Jay Gatsby’s grandiose residence on long island west egg that was described by Nick Carraway as a Kaleidoscope carnival. These amazing parties simply exuberate fun on a level that would be appealing to even the most reclusive of person. The parties featured jazz bands, roulette tables, pools and the most glamourous of guests from all backgrounds sipping on cocktails and dancing a style that can only described as a wild and carefree. Men dressed to impress, well-groomed and in formal attire. The ladies (flapper girls) simply stunning. Wearing headbands and jewellery that only modestly compliment the most elegant and beautiful dress style of the past 100 years, “Flapper Dress”.


We pride ourselves on bringing only the best quality flapper dresses to the market. It sounds cliché, but it is the reality. We hand pick every single design. We test the strength and comfortability of the fabric and ensure sizing meets international guidelines. Above all every flapper dress must look and feel as elegant and glamourous as the flapper dress did, 100 years ago.

All our stock is stored in our warehouse located in Brisbane, Australia. There is no drop-shipping, we ship everything ourselves. We deliver worldwide with Australia Post, DHL and Fedex. Our shipping rates are extremely fast and competitive.

If you run into trouble, we offer hassle free returns.