Jazz-time fringes, patterns of beads and sequins all epitomise the fun and freedom of flapper dresses. Transporting you back to the roaring 20s in style, the detail and design of Flapper Boutique’s collection of 1920s flapper dresses is second to none — and the perfect way to glam-up for any dress-up party.

The end of the Great War brought celebration and raucousness to society in the 1920s. From movie stars to flappers, people felt free and rebellious and spent much of their time socialising and drinking at glitzy parties — so it’s no surprise that the flirty fun of Roaring 20s parties is still a popular theme for many events and parties today. At Flapper Boutique we aim to help you recreate the glitz and the glam of this period with our sparkling, feathery, fringing flapper dresses. 

The unique history of flapper dresses

The birth of 20s flapper dresses was heavily influenced by the rise of jazz music. As a genre that was all about individuality, freedom and improvisation, jazz was relatable to flappers who were looking to break away from society. Jazz music encouraged young people to dance and have fun; accordingly, young women ditched their corsets for the more comfortable, “boxy” flapper dresses. With dropped waistlines, flattened chests and shorter hems, women in the 1920s chose flapper dresses to prove that there was more to women than just exterior feminine appearances. Flappers initiated a significant change in society around how women were viewed. This aspect has tended to be overshadowed in hindsight, but flappers had a notable impact on the beginnings of the feminist movement and the future of women’s fashion. Fast forward to today and it’s not hard to understand why we still respect and enjoy wearing these stunning, historical dresses. Flapper Boutique is proud to be the world’s first and only 100%-dedicated 1920's flapper dress and accessories business.

The dress for every shape

Fitted loosely around your natural body shape, flapper dresses are neither too tight nor too shapeless. These dresses are all about flattering comfort, while still being glamorous and dazzling. Find the perfect 20s flapper dress for your body shape at Flapper Boutique — sizes range from small to extra-large and we also feature an exclusive range of plus size flapper dresses with the same delicate beading and shimmering sequins. Enjoy the combination of freedom of movement, dancing and celebration while still feeling luxurious and beautiful in classic flapper fashion.

From simple to extravagant

Find the perfect 1920s-style dress to match your personality or occasion. Our range of flapper-style dresses are as unique as the women wearing them — from simple and sleek, to swaying and sparking, right to sultry and elegant. Whether you are looking for a dress to match your mood or a dress to suit the occasion, there is something for everyone at Flapper Boutique. For day-time events like tea parties or themed lunches, explore our Lillian flapper dress in a variety of colours and for more glamorous night-time functions, try the Fringe flapper dress options or the Beaded Mable flapper dresses in an enduring colour. Why not truly embrace the extravagance of the time of marathon dances and jazz bands in an Isabella, Stella or Louise flapper dress? Pick a style in your preferred colour and don’t forget to add the finishing touches with a feathered headband, cigarette holder and pair of long gloves.

The distinctive 1920s colour palette

Our 1920s flapper dresses are available in a variety of popular colours from the flapper era. Nothing says Great Gatsby-esque extravagance quite like ruby red, deep blue and rich emerald, green fabric. And for a more elegant embodiment of the 1920s, we also stock flapper dresses in classic cream and champagne, covered in shimmering sequins and delicate beads. At Flapper Boutique, you are bound to find the perfect dress for your personal taste, body shape, occasion and complexion.

How do I select the right flapper dress for me?

Finding the right flapper dress depends on elements like your personal taste, your body shape, complexion and, of course, the occasion where you will be wearing the dress. At Flapper Boutique, we have flapper dresses for every body shape, complexion, and occasion. Want to shake your dress on the dance floor? Try a fringed flapper dress. Prefer to sparkle outside under the fairy lights? We have a large range of elegant sequined options. The choices are endless, take your pick!

What colours and styles of 1920s flapper dresses does Flapper Boutique offer?

You will find our flapper dress collection in a range of styles and colours prominent in the 1920s — right from above-the-knee champagne ivory to below-the-knee cream, to shin-length emerald green and full-length ruby red. We have got everything you need to feel like an authentic flapper.

What is Flapper Boutique’s return policy for 1920s flapper outfits?

Before leaving our warehouse, every order is checked to ensure the quality is up-to-scratch and the size is as per our size chart. However, if you are not satisfied with your order, please refer to our returns and exchanges policy for more details.

How should I accessorise my flapper dress?

1920s fashion was all about accessories. Add extra feathers, fringes, beads and sequins with a feather boa, headband or pair of gloves. We have a range of glamorous 20s flapper accessories in many different colours to add a bit of sparkle to your look.

What kind of makeup and hairstyle should I do when wearing a 20s style dress?

There is more to dressing like a 1920s flapper girl than just a flapper dress. A smooth, natural complexion with a rosy rouged cheek and smokey eye was the classic look. Typically, lipstick would match the cheeks and thin eyebrows were often drawn beyond the natural brow line. In terms of hairstyles, 1920s flappers most famously sported short, straight bobs and finger-wave updos. To recreate the classic finger-wave hairstyle you will need plenty of hairspray and hair clips. You could also complete your flapper dress with a 20s bob-cut wig from a costume shop, to make your style look as authentic as possible.

Are you ready to get the complete flapper look?

Let us help you find the flapper style dress that is exactly right for you — we look forward to adding a touch of 20s glam to your wardrobe. Our Gatsby-themed dresses are well-priced and ready to ship. Feel free to reach out to our friendly team online or call (07) 3186 1797 (Australia) or (+617) 3186 1797 (international).

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