Are you ready to shimmy and shake on the dance floor? Then there is no better outfit to do it in than a fringed flapper dress! The roaring twenties is famous for having ushered in a unique era of vivaciousness, excitement and rising hemlines, and the 1920s fringe dress was the epitome of in-the-day style.

Even today, almost a century on, the glamour of a flapper dress with fringes is hard to beat. Whether you are searching for a perfect outfit for a costume party or just need a spectacular, eye-catching dress to create a stunning first impression at an important event, you need look no further than our gorgeous fringe flapper dress collection.

It is a lesser-known fact that fringes were used for decorating clothing as long ago as 3000 BC to add a little more style to any outfit. However, it was not until the glorious 1920s that fringing went through its Golden Age, becoming the ultimate way for modern ladies to express their self-confidence and sex appeal.

The famous fringed flapper dress was created, and a new age of glamorous elegance was born – one that has endured for a century as a sophisticated yet sexy look that captures the imagination and conjures up the essence of this most glamorous of all eras.

Choose from our beautiful range and you will be transported back to jazz time in sequins, tassels and sparkles that create an authentic vintage look. Whether you are looking for the subtlety of a fringed little black dress with a difference or whether you want to cut a dashing figure in a colorful red, blue, pink or purple gown, you’re sure to find something that perfectly fits the bill in our spectacular range.

Browse through our inspirational vintage collection now and find the ideal fringed flapper dress to shake your stuff in!

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