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The Flapper Boutique was founded in late 2018 and specialises in the online retail of 1920's Flapper Dresses and Accessories.


For several years we sold a niche catalogue of top quality 1920's Flapper Dresses through another business that we owned. Whilst in operation of this business it became apparent to us, through our sales & communication with our customers that there was a massive desire for quality 1920's Flapper Dresses & Accessories. When we say communication, we literally spoke to over 300 + customers that made purchases from our catalogue of flapper dresses!

Because this communication consumed so much of our time, we found our interests and fondness of the roaring 1920's grew out of control! I mean let’s face it, the roaring 1920's is the most glitzy and glamorous decade of all time!


The majority, of our customers had experienced a range of issues which left them either unhappy or frustrated with their attempts to find something a least remotely decent to wear to their 1920's / Gatsby event. We would say at least 95% of our customers had either purchased a flapper dress from an online costume retailer in Australia or retailer in Asia and ended up with nothing more than a rag for their troubles. Fooled by awesome images & descriptions that resulted in receiving poorly made flapper dresses that in some cases would have been lucky to fit a 5 year old! Unfortunately, this was really their only option as whatever was quality was extremely expensive and simply not affordable for most.

Enter, The Flapper Boutique!


Armed with enough information included our customers frustrations and our personal interests in the 1920's we decided that it was time. Time for the world to have its’s first and only 100% dedicated 1920's Flapper Dress & Accessories business.

Our catalogue of 1920's flapper dress & accessories simply addresses the majority of most of our customers issues. It’s all about quality at the right price. That means not more need for rubbish costume style flapper dresses that look like rags or overpriced flapper dresses that you would probably need to win lotto to afford… Only Joking, but you get what we mean!


Ethically and at the complete forefront, The Flapper Boutique will continue offering the best customer service & best product at the right price. We know if we do this, then the rest of our desired business outcomes will come into fruition.


Thank you for visiting our about us page and if you do have any questions or concerns please do flick us an email by using the contact form located in our contact us page.

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